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Bejeweled GoldFish Statue Bringing Wealth

Bejeweled GoldFish Statue Bringing Wealth

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This beautiful bejeweled goldfish stands sparkling in light. The goldfish is crafted with excellent quality . jeweled with lovely jewels . and dazzles in its appearance. In Feng shui . goldfish are one of the most important of fish because goldfish represent wealth and opulence.

Goldfish are often owned as ornaments or pets in Chinese homes and businesses because of their famed symbolism to prosperity and wealth. This bejeweled gold fish not only represents abundance . but also marital bliss and good fortune.

Place this beautiful goldfish in your home or office to give career luck . wealth luck . and ensure a long . healthy marriage.

Bejeweled goldenfish is also a symbol of fertility and pregnancy due to its powerful reproduction. In addition . colorful bejeweled fish symbolizes peace . happiness and harmony.

The bejeweled goldfish statue can be opened for storing wishing note or small coins.  The dimension of it is approx. 3.5" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/2".  It is made of bejeweled cloisonne.

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